Abandoned In Alaska WorldEscapeGames

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Abandoned Our Escape Games Mike 5

Abandoned In Alaska WorldEscapeGames

Abandoned In Alaska WorldEscapeGames
Abandoned In Alaska is an abandoned escape game developed by Selfdefiant and World Escape Games. You were on a hunting expedition in Alaska when you were separated from your hunting party. You searched for them for hours with no luck. You finally came upon a small town. Maybe with some luck you will be able to figure out how to escape!

  • Greg

    Will not load in either IE or Chrome

  • Mike

    Hi Greg,

    Is everything up to date? What version of Chrome are you using? Do you see an icon in the address bar that looks like a little piece of puzzle? If so, you have to authorize it.

    Best regards

  • marina

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    Scene one

    – Turn right

    Scene two

    – Note code 625341

    – On the right pick up the crowbar

    – Go right two times

    Desert scene

    – On the stones enter the code 625341 = 10 dollars

    Come back to scene two

    – Up arrow

    Shop Scene

    – Give the 10 dollars to seller = fishing rod

    Come back to desert scene

    – Right arrow and up

    Cascade scene

    – Use fisching rod = a fish

    Come back to the desert scene

    – Left arrow

    Scene with the child

    – Give fish

    – up

    House scene

    – In the hole of the tree = key

    – Up and use the key

    Dining room scene

    – Right arrow

    Office scene

    – On the table = hint

    – Right arrow

    Television scene

    – Note time on clock = 10:08

    Come back to the dining room scene

    – Left arrow

    Fireplace scene

    – On furniture click on drawer and enter 1008 = screwdriver

    – Left arrow

    Stairs scene

    – Use the crowbar to the right of the stairs = gold nugget

    Come back to scene television

    – On the clock use in the screwdriver = key

    Go to the stairs scene

    – Up and use key

    Attic scene

    – On TV = gold nugget

    – Up

    Suitcase scene

    – Click on suitcase and enter code (up, down, left, cross and right) = pick axe

    Come back to the desert scene

    – Use the pick axe on the stone = gold nugget

    Come back to scene one

    – Give the three gold nuggets = canoe

    Go to the desert scene

    – Right arrow

    River scene

    – Put the canoe on the water and click on it

    Plane scene

    – Click in water to the right of the plane and look for the keys

    – Use keys on plane = END

  • Mike

    Thank you very much Marina for this amazing written walkthrough!

  • Greg

    Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) My java can only be at standard 6, update 27, due to its a work PC. However, all games play from say, http://www.escape24. com. There is not puzzle piece thing. There is nothing in the white box. Adobe flash player is up to date at You have version 24,0,0,186 installed


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