Abandoned In Canada

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Abandoned Our Escape Games Mike 9

Abandoned In Canada

Abandoned In Canada
Abandoned In Canada is an abandoned escape game developed by Selfdefiant and World Escape Games. You were traveling around the world to see as many sites as you could see. Things were going great until you entered Canada. Your companion left you and took all of your bags. Now, you are all alone and stranded in Canada and must find a way to escape!

  • pete

    This is the best game ever! You nailed it this time SD! Please make more like this!

  • Mike

    Hi Pete,

    Thank you for your comment. We are really glad that you liked this game! More games will be coming soon 🙂


  • SandyM

    Is there a trick to playing these games? I click the icon but no game appears.

  • Mike

    Hi SandyM,

    There’s no trick. Just press play, wait for the play button to appear and press start.

  • tipper

    SandyM, try disabling your security;)

    Great game SD!

  • Pete Barbu

    hi,there is an ad with andi games all over the screen and block my mouse (hand),i can not press anything except that ad which takes me to andi games…:(

  • Mike

    Hi Pete,

    Normally there is a video ad before the game but it disappears by itself and should not block your mouse. Could you tell us what browser are you using please? Did you clear your cache? The game doesn’t start at all?

  • carmen

    one word through me off, i had to use the walkthrough to find out how you spelled it! Good game, thank you for entertaining us players.

  • Mike

    Hi Carmen,

    Thank you for your comment 🙂 For the word, on the letter box where you have to enter it, you can see N-5. N-5 means that the letter N is the fifth number. On the side of a building, you can see the numbers 20-18-5-12-20-2. If you start counting the letters of the alphabet knowing that N means 5, you can find the mystery word to enter. I hope I explained myself well.


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