Abandoned University Escape

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Abandoned Mike 2

Abandoned University Escape

Abandoned University Escape
Abandoned University Escape is an abandoned escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. While on vacation, you went for a walk and you got lost. You manage to find this abandoned university and you are now unable to get out of there. You must find a way to escape this abandoned university and get back home once and for all.

  • marina

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    Scene one

    – Up

    Scene two

    – Pick up the cutter from the stairs

    – On radiator = map

    – Right arrow

    Scene three

    – Click on the table and use cutter = key

    – Note code in red (DAGEB)

    Go back to scene two

    – up

    – Right arrow

    Scene four

    – On stairs = screwdriver

    – Click left door

    – Up

    Scene five

    – Right on box enter code BEGAD = cristal

    – Check above = left hint

    Go back to scene four

    – Left arrow and up

    Scene six

    – On fireplace = crystal box

    – Left arrow

    Scene seven

    – On grid use the screwdriver = cristal

    – Left arrow

    Scene eight

    – Click on open book = hint + key

    Go back to scene three

    – Right arrow

    – Use key

    Scene nine

    – Click on the box, enter code from scene five = cristal

    Go back to scene six

    – Put the cristal in the box = key

    Go back to scene one

    – Use key on left door and use key

    – Left arrow

    Scene ten

    – Click on bicycle = END

  • Mike

    Thank you Marina.


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