Asylum 6

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Asylum Mike 2

Asylum 6

Asylum 6
Asylum 6 is an asylum escape game developed by Melting-Mindz. You are once again trapped in an abandoned asylum and you will have to conquer your fears one more time if you want to succeed to get out of this place that gives you goosebumps. A lot of room awaits you and you don't really have the choice but to visit them all since that if you want to escape from this place, you will have to find objects, keys and clues that will help you to solve the riddles that you will find all over the place. Do you have enough courage to escape from this asylum once and for all?

  • Avatar

    Good game. I had a hard time towards the end were you have to put in number digits to a box below the room where the virgen mary is. I dont understand how it came out to that number, i had to look for a walk through, i thought i’d try to make it without going there lol, walk through did not explain it. Had a good time.

  • Mike

    Hi Carmen.

    We are happy that you liked the game. If you are talking about the box with 7 digits to enter, the hint for that box is in room I, where you have the big staircase. You can click on a paper on the top right of the game and you will see white and black squares. Think of it like the white squares together represents a number and each number is seperated by a black square. This is how you will get the 7 digits to enter on the box in the room just bellow the one with the virgen mary is.

    I hope this helps you to understand where the number to enter came from.


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