Autumn Farm Escape

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Autumn Farm Escape

Autumn Farm Escape
Autumn Farm Escape is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    The house door is locked
    Go left

    View 2
    The barn door is lock
    Go left

    View 3
    Click on the bush under the tree to find a gold key
    Take the gold key
    Go back view 1

    View 1
    Use the gold key to unlock the house door
    Go up

    View 4
    Some wood is ready to be lit in the cheminey
    The frame is screwed to the wall and there’s something behind it
    Go up

    View 5
    Click on the cooler to find a blue marble
    Take the blue marble
    The first left door under the sink is stuck
    Go up

    View 6
    Click on the right speaker to find the screwdriver
    Take the screwdriver
    Click on the radio and note red 65 and blue 95
    Go back view 5

    View 5
    Click on the red chest and enter the hint 6595 to find the matches
    Take the matches
    Go back view 4

    View 4
    Use the screwdriver on the frame to find the hidden safe
    Use the matches on the wood to start a fire and find the silver key
    Take the silver key
    Go back view 2

    View 2
    Use the silver key on the barn
    Go up

    View 7
    Click on the center box to find a green marble
    Take the green marble
    Note the ribbons on the wall (red-blue-yellow)
    Go left

    View 8
    Click on the closed box to find an apple
    Take the apple
    Note the ribbons on the wall (blue-green)
    Go back à la view 1 et cliquer à droite

    View 9
    Click on the top of the car and enter the combined ribbons hint (view 8 et view 7)
    So blue-green-red-blue-yellow to find a yellow marble
    Take the yellow marble
    Go right

    View 10
    Give the apple to the horse to find a rake
    Take the rake
    Go back view 1

    View 1
    Use the rake on the dead leaves to find a red marble
    Take the red marble
    Go back view 4 (go in the house)

    View 4
    Click on the safe and put the four marbles into it to find a car key
    Take the car key
    Go back view 9

    View 9
    Use the car key on the car
    You escaped!


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