Cat In Japan

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Escape Games Mike 8

Cat In Japan

Cat In Japan
Cat In Japan is an escape game developed by Bonte Games. Our dear friend the cat is now in Japan and the only thing that he can think about is sushi. Your mission today is to find twenty sushi for the cat. To do so, you will have to search closely around you to find them and don't forget that they can be hiding anywhere. Don't forget to solve the riddles that you will find all over this place in order to reach your goal.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!
    View 1

    – Take the sushi from under the sofa
    – Take the sushi in the window
    – Take the sushi from under the purple cushion
    – Take the piece of a gong and take the sushi
    – Note the position and colors of the cats in the window
    View 2
    – Take the sushi from the right side of the wardrobe
    – Take the sushi from underneath the umbrella
    – Open the bottom drawer = key
    – Note the code that you will find by clicking on the umbrella and the 3 costumes and enter this code on the door at the left of the cabinet = sushi and doll head
    – Note the code on the first costume that you will have to enter later on the dolls in view 1 (one eye to the right, 2 eyes, back of the head, 2 eyes, one eye to the left)
    – Note the code on the second costume (left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right)
    – Note the code on the third and last costume (the dices shows you the order that you will need to press the buttons : 3-5-1-2-4-6)
    – On the first drawer of the cabinet, enter the code that you just noted = doll head
    View 3
    – Use the key on the door and click again to open the doors
    – Put the piece of a gong on the gong
    – Note the colors and the eyes of the flying fishes
    – Click on the cabinet and enter the symbols as per the eyes of the flying fishes = cheese, sushi and 1 doll head
    – Click on the right cushion = sushi
    – Click on the tea-pot = sushi
    View 4
    – Take the two sushi in the frame
    – Take the sushi from underneath the stool
    – Click on the blue towel and take the sushi
    – Click on the bump in the carpet = doll head
    – Open the water to fill the tub = gong stick
    Go back to view 1
    – Put the cheese in front of the mouse hole
    – Place the doll heads on the dolls body and turn the heads according to the clue noted on the first costume in view 2 = sushi and bulb
    – Take the sushi that is now in front of the mouse hole
    – Place the bulb in the Japanese light and note the code that you now see
    Go to view 3
    – Use the gong stick on the gong = green clover
    Go to view 4
    – Click on the box under the towel shelf and solve the riddle as per the hint from the Japanese light = sushi and pliers
    – Click on the white cat and enter the code that you noted from the second costume = the locket is now open
    – Place the green clover on the yellow one = the puzzle box has opened underneath the cat
    – Solve the puzzle as per the color code from the window in view 1 = 2 sushi and a key (you have to take the key with the pliers)
    View 3
    – Use the key on the pink fish box = sushi
    You can see the cat as he is eating all the sushi that you found
    Mission accomplish!

  • Cayla Domnick

    Oh wow this game was awesome but not that hard, although it was challenging. I would like to play more games. Thanks!

  • Nira

    I entered the code as shown on the dice ,and,,,it doesn’t open.

  • Mike


    You must press the button as per the code giving on the dices on the last costume (3-5-1-2-4-6)
    So you must press the buttons as follow :
    – Click on the third button
    – Click on the fourth button
    – Click on the first button
    – Click on the fifth button
    – Click on the second button
    – Click on the sixth button

  • anonymouse

    cool thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymouse

    cool thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymouse

    awesome!!!! thank you!!!! cool!!!!

  • Jair

    Why the number order saids 3-5-1-2-4-6 and when u press it 3-4-1-5-2-6?
    Someone can help me ?


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