Deadly House Escape

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Deadly House Escape

Deadly House Escape
Deadly House Escape is an escape game developed by Toll Free Games. You are trapped in this deadly house and you have to escape from this place before something happens to you. You are scared and it's normal but you have to explore this place from top to bottom in order to find the objects and clues that will allow you to solve the puzzles present so that you can finally get your hands on the only means of escape from this deadly place.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!
    View 1
    – Take the bar behind the grey box
    – Go right
    View 2
    – Take the key on the chair
    – Take the coffee mug
    – Go back to view 1
    – Use the key on the brown door
    View 3
    – Click on the right cabinet = key
    – Note 65 from the left cabinet
    – Use the key on the door
    View 4
    – Take the spider web
    – Click on the toilet paper
    – Click on the WC and use the paper = 28
    Go to view 2
    – On the cabinet, enter the code 28 = saw
    – In the inventory and open the saw to put the bar on
    Go back to view 1
    – Click on the latter and use the saw = wooden piece
    – Take the wooden piece and add the spider web
    Go to view 4
    – Click on the sink, use the coffee mug and open the faucet
    Go back to view 2
    – Put the coffee mug on the scale = 2.55
    – On the right cabinet enter 255 = crowbar
    Go to view 4
    – Use the crowbar on the grid and use the wooden stick = key
    Go back to view 1
    – Use the key on the door to escape


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