Escape From Cave Room

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Escape From Cave Room

Escape From Cave Room
Escape From Cave Room is an escape game developed by Toll Free Games. You are trapped in a cave where you were doing some research and now you must find a way to get out of this place before there is no oxygen. To do so, you will have to search this place very closely so that you can get your hands on everything that you need to finally escape from this place.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!
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    – On the right side, click on the right cabinet to open the door at the bottom = matchbox
    – In the inventory, click on the matchbox, and then click again to get a lit match
    – Click on the right cabinet and close all the doors = tube
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    – Click on the hammer to zoom then take the hammer
    – In the down middle take the wagon
    – On the right bottom of the screen, take a piece of rock
    – Click on the rock pillar, use the hammer = 1 key and 2 pieces of the pillar
    – In the inventory, click on a piece of pillar and use the hammer = a wheel (repeat this action one more time for the other wheel)
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    – On the left, take the wooden stick
    – On the bottom right, take the cloth
    – In the inventory, click on the wooden stick, put the cloth on it and then apply the tube to it, you can now place the lit match on the cloth to light a torch. You now have a lit torch in the inventory.
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    – Click in between the two unlit torch to zoom in
    – Light the two torches
    – Take the rock from underneath the left torch
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    – Use the key on chest = crowbar
    – In the inventory, click on the wagon to place the two wheels on and use the two rock silex to lock the wheels on the wagon
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    – Click on the rock pile
    – Place the wagon on the bottom left
    – Use the crowbar in the middle of the rock pile to fill the wagon with rocks
    – Click on the wagon to put it back in the inventory
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    – Click on the stone block on the bottom right and place the wagon on the bottom left of the stone block
    You have escaped!


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