Escape From Paranoid Asylum

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Asylum Mike 2

Escape From Paranoid Asylum

Escape From Paranoid Asylum
Escape From Paranoid Asylum is an asylum escape game developed by Eight Games. You went to a paranoid asylum with your mom and you don't know what happened but your mom disappeared and you are now alone and trapped inside of this place. Since it gives you the creeps, you must hurry to find the only way to escape from this place and the sooner the better.

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    great game the only thing i am disappointed by is the fact that i wasnt able to find all the hidden objects in the game that went so fast that at the end of the game i cant find how to end the game.

  • Mike

    Hi Carmen,

    This is not one of our games. However, you can find the walkthrough of the game from the developer at this url :


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