Find Sneaky Castle

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Find Sneaky Castle

Find Sneaky Castle
Find Sneaky Castle is an escape game developed by Melting Mindz.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1
    Lit the unlit torch with the lit candle : key
    Take the key
    Click on the cabinet and enter the code 2468 (as per the book hint)
    Take the knight uniform

    View 2
    Use the key on the locked door
    Click on the bottom arrow = view 3

    View 3
    Click on the table and count the number of tokens of each color
    Use the metal spike to break the glass in from of the axe
    Take the axe and go right = view 4

    View 4
    Use the axe on the wood and click on the top arrow= view 5

    View 5
    Take the fork from the plate
    Click on the towel on the left : take the key
    Go down = view 4

    View 4
    Go right = view 6

    View 6
    Take note of the banners height on the wall
    Use the key on the door
    Click on the down arrow = view 7

    View 7
    Use the banners hint on the chest
    Take the mug
    Go right = view 8

    View 8
    Go up to view 9

    View 9
    Use the fork on a brick in the wall to remove it
    Take the wooden stick
    Go back view 6

    View 6
    Give the mug to the knight and take the key
    Click on the right arrow = view 10

    View 10
    Use the hint from view 3 on the color dial
    Use the wooden stick as a lever
    Click on the lever
    Use the key on the locked door
    Go up to get to view 11

    View 11
    Click on the cat. You found Sneaky!


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