Hooda Math Escape Room Baton Rouge

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Hooda Math Escape Room Baton Rouge

Hooda Math Escape Room Baton Rouge
Hooda Math Escape Room Baton Rouge is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    Click on the “Capitol Park” sign and note the hint
    The red box is too high, find something to reach it
    Go right

    View 2
    A young boy locked his keys in his van and is asking for your help to open the door
    Go right

    View 3
    Take the broom
    You need a ticket to board the boat
    Go back view 1

    View 1
    Use the broom to reach the red box
    Click on the red box and enter the hint from the sign to find a clothes hanger
    Go right

    View 2
    Use the clothes hanger on the van door to open it
    The young man gives you a donut for your help
    Take the donut
    Go up

    View 4
    Give the donut to the security guard
    Go left

    View 5
    Note the hint on the lock gate, so Up-Down-Middle-Down-Up
    Go right

    View 6
    Click on the door and note the “will return” hour 16:45
    Go back down and then left

    View 5
    Click on the locker without a number
    Enter the time noted in view 6, so 16:45 to find ice skates
    Take the ice skates
    Go right 2 times

    View 7
    A little girl lost her teddy bear and need your help to find it
    Go right

    View 8
    Use the ice skates on the ice to be able to click on the bag
    Enter the hint found in view 5, so Up-Down-Middle-Down-Up to find a dollar
    Take the dollar
    Go left

    View 7
    Use the dollar to get quarters on the Change machine
    The machine only gave you one quarter
    Go back view 6

    View 6
    Use the quarter on the horse ride to find a teddy bear
    Take the teddy bear
    Go back view 7

    View 7
    Give the teddy bear to the little girl
    The little girl give you a ticket for the boat
    Take the ticket
    Go back view 3

    View 3
    Give the ticket to the man
    Click on the boat to get on board
    You are now on your way home!


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