Hooda Math Escape Room Bismarck

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Hooda Math Escape Room Bismarck

Hooda Math Escape Room Bismarck
Hooda Math Escape Room Bismarck is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    A boy wants a candy and he will help you to get back home
    Go right

    View 2
    You need a bus ticket

    View 3
    Note the following hint Lime 3/8 and Lemon 5/8
    Go up

    View 4
    A boy need another ticket to win a prize
    You need a bowling ball to play bowling
    Go right

    View 5
    There’s a missing bowling shoe, you must bring it back to the employee to get a reward
    Go right

    View 6
    A candy will cost 2 dollars
    Note the color and placement of the stars on the banner
    Yellow – up left
    Green – down left
    Red – up right
    Blue – down right
    Go right

    View 7
    Click on the bowling bag at the left of the screen
    Enter the stars hint depending of the color required, so :
    down left – up left – up right – down right to find a bowling ball
    Take the bowling ball
    Go right

    View 8
    Click on the locker without a number and enter the Lime hint that you got view 3, so :
    3/8 equals 0.375 to find the missing shoe
    Take the missing shoe
    You need a quarter to play in the game at the right of the screen
    Go back view 5

    View 5
    Give the shoe to the employee
    He gives you a dollar bill
    Take the dollar bill
    Go back view 4

    View 4
    Use the bowling ball on the third alley to get a quarter
    Take the quarter
    Go back view 8

    View 8
    Use the quarter to get a ball to throw
    Take the ball
    Use the ball on the border of the throwing game
    You won a ticket
    Take the ticket
    Go back view 4

    View 4
    Give the ticket to the boy and he gives you a dollar bill
    Take the dollar bill
    Go back view 6

    View 6
    Give the dollar bills to the young lady and she gives you a candy
    Take the candy
    Go back view 1 (starting view)

    View 1
    Give the candy to the boy and he will give you a bus ticket
    Take the bus ticket
    Go back view 2

    View 2
    Here comes the bus
    Use the bus ticket on the bus
    You are now on your way back home!


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