Hooda Math Escape Room Lansing

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Hooda Math Escape Room Lansing

Hooda Math Escape Room Lansing
Hooda Math Escape Room Lansing is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    A boy ask you to go pick up his fishing pole on his porch
    Go right

    View 2
    You need to find something to help you read from a distance
    The panel on the fence is covered in mud
    Go right

    View 3
    A boy wants to exchange is bike for a basketball
    You need to find an object that will help you to dig in the sand
    Go right

    View 4
    A basketball is stuck
    Take the thowel on the left bench
    Go right

    View 5
    Note the colors of the flowers in the second basket
    Click on the mail box
    Enter the color code from the flowers to find the binoculars
    Take the binoculars
    Go right

    View 6
    A dog won’t let you take the fishing pole
    Go right

    View 7
    Click on the car plate and note the number 130
    Click on the trunk to enter the number 130 to open the car’s trunk
    Take the crowbar
    Go back to view 2

    View 2
    Use the binoculars to look at what is written on the truck and note 7624-979
    Do the substraction and find the code 6645
    Use the towel to clean the mud on the pannel
    Enter the code 6645 and click on E
    Go up (view 8)

    View 8
    Use the crowbar on the stucked pannel on the truck to find the showel
    Take the showel
    Go back to view 3

    View 3
    Use the showel to dig in the sand to find a bone
    Take the bone
    Go back to view 6

    View 6
    Give the bone to the dog
    Take the fishing pole
    Go back to view 1

    View 1
    Give the fishing pole to the boy to get a raquet
    Take the raquet
    Go back to view 4

    View 4
    Use the raquet on the basketball to get it back on the ground
    Take the basketball
    Go back to view 3

    View 3
    Give the basketball to the boy
    Click on the bike
    You can now go back home!


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