Match Arena Multiplayer Match 3 game

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Match Arena Multiplayer Match 3 game

Match Arena Multiplayer Match 3 game

Match Arena Multiplayer Match 3 game

There’s nothing more satisfying than besting an opponent in a one-on-one match, right? But it is rare to have that kind of opportunity in a match 3 game since most puzzle games are solo affairs.

That’s all about to change

If you’re looking for one of the best free online match 3 games, look no further than Match Arena. One of a breed of new match 3 games that adds a player-versus-player element into the mix, Match Arena pits you against other players from around the globe in an intense match to see who can come out on top with the highest score. But don’t worry, Match Arena has unlimited lives so you can play to your heart’s content. Sporting bright, colorful graphics and an easy to understand user interface, Match Arena is reminiscent of games like Candy Crush and even the classic Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo.

Various game modes

Perhaps the biggest draw for players, outside of the unlimited plays, is the leveling up system and the ability to discover new game modes as you play. Match Arena features hundreds of levels with unique settings and every match is a different challenge from the last, keeping the gameplay fresh and rewarding. You can play against others or cooperatively with friends as you test and hone your match 3 strategies. In terms of innovations among new match 3 games, Match Arena is the leader of the pack.


You can duel players in real time in the player-versus-player (PVP) mode or explore the world of Match Arena - there’s no pressure to take any particular route. And, with unlimited continues (a rarity among free online match 3 games), you can take your time learning the game’s ins and outs. Another awesome aspect of the game is quest completion and the rewards this mode brings. Not only does this role playing game (RPG) element really add something to Match Arena but also gives you an incentive to explore all of the game’s modes. Ultimately this makes you a better player of the game. In this respect Match Arena might remind players of Puzzle Quest, a legendary RPG slash puzzle game that also relies upon a match 3 mechanic. Like Puzzle Quest, Match Arena offers a variety of power ups and challenges as you progress through the game.

Ready for this challenge?

There are also a range of effects and physics elements such as lava, honey, piggy-walk, false gravity. Did we mention the cute little pig you see bouncing around in the trailer videos? He’s along for the ride too and, with a little piggie magic, can help you out when you’re in a tough spot on a stage. Match Arena challenges you to become the best match 3 game player out there and gives you ample opportunity to prove test your mettle, so why not enter the arena and start your journey to the title of world champion today?



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