Mission Escape Dracula Castle

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Mission Escape Dracula Castle

Mission Escape Dracula Castle
Mission Escape Dracula Castle is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    You need a silver key to unlock the left door
    Go up

    View 2
    Take the goblet of water
    You need a gold key to unlock the top door
    Go down and then right

    View 3
    A book is missing from the middle shelve
    Click on the black book to find an unlit candle
    Take the unlit candle
    Go right

    View 4
    Click on the paper on the fridge to find a grocery list
    Note the first letter of each item on the grocery list, so G-A-B-G-C-D-E
    Click on the first cabinet door to find a gold bat
    Do the puzzle on the wall to find a gold bat
    Go right

    View 5
    Click on the bottom right chair to find a silver key
    Take the silver key
    Go back view 1

    View 1
    Use the unlit candle on the candles on the wall to lit it
    Use the silver key on the left door to unlock the door
    Go left

    View 6
    Click on the piano and click on the letters noted in view 4, so GABGCDE to get a gold bat
    Take the gold bat
    Use the goblet of water on the flower on the table to get a gold key
    Take the gold key
    Go back view 2

    View 2
    Use the gold key on the top door
    Go up

    View 7
    Take the book
    The lid of the coffin is screwed closed, find a screwdriver to open it
    Go back view 3

    View 3
    Put the book back on the shelve to discover a secret passage
    Go up

    View 8
    Click on the candle in the inventory and click anywhere in the room to light it up
    Click on the chest and put the 3 gold bats into the slots to find a screwdriver
    Take the screwdriver
    Go back view 7

    View 7
    Use the screwdriver on the coffin to discover a vampire that gives you a red key
    Take the red key
    Go back view 1 and go down

    View 9
    Use the red key on the door
    You escaped from Dracula’s castle!


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