Pretty Boy Rescue

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Pretty Boy Rescue

Pretty Boy Rescue
Pretty Boy Rescue is an escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Our friend Pretty Boy has been kidnapped by the enemy of his father, an important business man. Now you must save him from this dangerous situation and to do so, you will have to explore this place from top to bottom to find the objects and clues that will help you to solve the puzzles present all around you so that you can finally get your hands on the only way to make Pretty Boy escape from this place once and for all.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!
    Main view

    – Get the green owl on the left building
    – Click on the little coloured wheel and note that A-purple S-red H-grey E-blue O-light blue T brown E-yellow W-green
    – Click on the left door to enter view 1
    View 1
    – Take the vase
    – Click on the vase in the inventory = scroll
    – Open the scroll to see a fruit code (grape, apple, banana and orange) but you have to note the colors of the fruit so purple, red, yellow and orange.
    – Click on the shield so that the sword reveals a code when you click on it and take note of that flower code
    – Click on the sofa to enter the code you just noted = book
    – Open the book in the inventory and note on which side the letters are
    – Click on the right arrow to go to the next room
    View 2
    –Click on the little cabinet on the right side = knife
    – Click on the latter and not the position of the balls = LRLRR
    – Click on the sign with the word Beautiful and click on the left and right button according to the position of each letter in the book (LRLRRLRRL) = owl
    View 3 (house on the right)
    – Click on the sofa = watch
    – Look at the bottom shelf and note the colors (red, green, yellow, blue, brown) and the “est” at the end. Use the coloured wheel to match the letter to form a word (sweetest). You will have to enter this word on the top of the fruit market.
    – Click on the barrel and note the clue (spoon, fork, peeler and bottle opener)
    Go back to view 2
    – Click on the stove and enter the clue from the barrel = key
    Go back to main view
    – Enter the word that you found on the top of the fruit market = watch
    – Click on the barrel and use the knife = owl
    – Change the lever as per the clues man with the balls = scroll
    – Open the scroll in the inventory to get a code = NEWS (letters are red, blue, green and brown)
    – Click again on the scroll to see the other side of it and note NE (purple) SW (black) SE (blue) NW (yellow)
    Go back to view 3
    – Enter the fruit code on the wall = pen
    Go back to view 2
    – Click on the frame and use the pen. Look at what the pen did and note the symbols
    – Click on the round puzzle and place the colors as per the scroll = owl
    – In the inventory, put the 2 owls together for the arrow clue (left, up, right, down)
    Go back to view 3
    – Enter the symbols = owl
    Go back to main view
    – Solve the arrow puzzle with the clue from the owls = owl
    – Click on the circles, that’s the clue for the numeric code by color that you have to solve. Look at the circle and note 3696
    – Enter the code = owl
    – Put the owls at the bottom of the fountain = watch + box
    – In the inventory, click on the box and use the key = watch
    – In the inventory, put all the watches together and note 5793
    – Enter the code 5793 on top of the fruit market = key
    Go back to view 2
    – Click on the door and use the key = Pretty Boy as escaped!


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