Tiny House Escape MouseCity

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Tiny House Escape MouseCity

Tiny House Escape MouseCity
Tiny House Escape is an escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of the game!

    View 1 (starting view)
    Go left = view 2

    View 2
    Click on the left cushion of the sofa to discover matches
    Take the matches
    Click on the down left corner of the frame on the wall to discover a safe
    Go left = view 3

    View 3
    Click on the red book in the bookcase to find a red marble
    Take the red marble
    Go left = view 4

    View 4
    Use the matches to lit the fire in the fireplace to discover a yellow marble
    Take the yellow marble
    Go left to get back to the starting view = view 1

    View 1
    Go right = view 5

    View 5
    Click on the fridge to find the cable
    Take the cable
    Click on the bottles
    Take the blue marble from the red bottle
    Note the color of the bottles and the quantity indicated on each of them
    Go right = view 6

    View 6
    Click on the wardrobe and enter the code 2965 (as per the colored bottles)
    Go right = view 7

    View 7
    Click on the shower curtain
    Take the clothes hanger
    Go back to view 4

    View 4
    Use the cable for the tv and plug it to get the hint for the chest in view 3
    Go back to view 3

    View 3
    Enter the hint on the chest to get the screwdriver
    Take the screwdriver
    Go back to view 6

    View 6
    Use the screwdriver on the air vent
    Use the clothes hanger to get the key closer
    Take the key
    Go back to view 7

    View 7
    Click on the right arrow and use the key to get to view 8

    View 8
    Click on the alarm clock and note the time (21:53)
    Click on the chest on the right side of the bad and enter 953 as per the time of the alarm clock to get a green marble
    Take the green marble
    Go back to view 2

    View 2
    Put all the marbles into the safe to find the gold key
    Take the gold key and go back to view 1 (starting view)

    View 1
    Use the gold key on the door
    You Escaped!


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