Under Cave Escape

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Under Cave Escape

Under Cave Escape
Under Cave Escape is an escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. You went to an under cave to find a treasure and now that you have to get out, you find that the gate is locked. You are now trapped in this place where no one knows that you are at. You must find a way by yourself to escape from this cave as soon as possible.

  • Mike

    Complete walkthrough of this game!
    View 1
    – Get the square
    – On the ground = flashlight
    – Go right
    View 2
    – Get the diamond
    – Go right
    View 3
    – Get the diamond
    – Go right
    View 4
    – We will come back to this view later
    Go back to view 1
    – Go up
    View 5
    – Get the bar and the knife
    – Go up
    View 6
    – We will come back to this view later
    – Go right
    View 7
    – Get the arrow and the diamond located down left of the screen
    – Go right
    View 8
    – Get paper
    – Go right
    View 9
    – Get the crowbar
    – Go up
    View 10
    – Get the hammer
    Go back to view 6
    – Use the crowbar up of the screen = get a diamond
    – On the stone use the arrow = square
    – On the left wall, click and use the knife = code
    Go back to view 1
    – On the ground, use the crowbar = get a diamond
    Go to view 6
    – Put the diamonds at their place = square
    Go back to view 2
    – On what is shinny use the bar = square
    Go to view 4
    – Click on the top left and use the hammer = square
    Go to view 9
    – Enter the code that you got in view 6 = square
    Go back to view 5
    – Click at the top and use the flashlight = code
    Go to view 8
    – Do the code = 2 squares
    Go back to view 1
    – At the center, put the squares and solve the riddle
    In the inventory, open the paper = hint
    – Use the hint to solve the riddle = code
    Go to view 10
    – Enter the codes 527 and 109 = key
    Go back to view 7
    – Use the key on the gate to escape!


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